Continental Resources Free Movie Mondays

Every Monday night at 7pm throughout the Downtown in December season, Continental Resources will host Free Movie Mondays at Harkins Theatres in Bricktown. 

To attend the free screenings, you must sign up online. You will receive a confirmation email at least 3 days prior to the event.

**Please note: We overbook the seats a bit to ensure that the theater is completely full for maximum holiday enjoyment! Because of this, signing up does not guarantee you a seat. This is why we recommend arriving 30-45 minutes early.**  

Only one movie sign-up will be open at a time. We'll post sign-up links 2 weeks prior to each movie date at 10 a.m.

Movie selections will be announced soon!


Remember - signing up online does not guarantee a seat at the theater. We suggest arriving 30 – 45 minutes early to secure your spot.

P: 405.235.3500

F: 405.235.3501

211 N Robinson, Suite 225

Oklahoma City, OK 73102